What Is The Best Used Metal Detector To Buy?

I am often asked whether it is a good idea to buy an used metal detector or not. The reality is that first of all, there isn’t really a good place to buy and sell used metal detectors online or offline (at least I don’t know any). It is true that there are some ‘minor’ websites, but due to their lack of inventory, their prices are extremely high and sometimes even comparable to new products.

However, if you found an offline metal detector whether it being sold by a friend, or on a local store, I have several tips to aid you in deciding whether it is a good idea to buy it or not.

Questions to Ask

Age of the Metal Detector – The general rule states that the newer, the better.

How frequently was the detector used? – The only exception to the question above is if the metal detector didn’t undergo much use and thus the importance of this question. If it is an old detector with much use, I don’t recommend that you buy it for the reason that I will state below.

Have you had any problems with the detector? – The reality is that if someone wants to sell a metal detector is because he either wants to get rid of it (for money or space), or wants a new one. If the later is the case, you should know that in advance by asking the following question:

What’s the reason of the detector being sold? – As I mentioned above, if he is selling to free some space or simply because he wants some money, then it is pretty safe to buy it (at least in my experience). However, if he is planning to buy a new detector, you must extra check it to ensure that it does not have any problems. Make sure that if this is the case, you ask why he plans on upgrading – maybe it’s because he needs something more professional, but either way, you must know.

Will you provide support should anything happen to the detector, or a guarantee? – Never buy an used metal detector if the seller does not want to offer you some sort of guarantee. The reality is that if the detector were good enough, he would have no problem in offering you his support.

Advantages of Buying an Used Metal Detector

-Money, of course.
-Someone able to help you (the seller since he has experience in using it).

Disadvantages of Buying an Used Metal Detector

-Metal detectors are very delicate equipment. Especially the searchcoil which tends to scratch when used inappropriately and in some cases such endeavors damage the detector’s accuracy.

-If you buy a metal detector from a friend or someone you know, you will not have a guarantee such as the one you’d have if you bought it from a real store. Believe me, when dealing with detectors, guarantees are everything.

Final Thoughts

If you are on a low budget, but want a good detector, then used detectors are probably the best way to go for you. However, you must always read these tips fully and I can almost guarantee that if you buy smartly, an used metal detector might be as good as a new one.

The most important part of the tips I previously mentioned is to check entirely the metal detector. It doesn’t matter if it looks good on the outside – always ask for a demonstration.

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