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Pancky Waterproof – Professional Higher Accuracy Gold Detector – PK0075 (Discontinued)

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4.3/5Overall Score

The Pancky PK0075, while discontinued, remains a frequent presence on the secondhand market due to its attractive price point. Marketed as a professional gold detector with high accuracy, it targets beginning treasure hunters seeking a user-friendly introduction to the hobby. But how does the PK0075 stack up against more established brands, and is it a viable option for your metal detecting aspirations? This review delves into the detector’s functionalities, exploring its strengths and weaknesses to help you decide if it’s a suitable starting point for your treasure hunting journey.

A Closer Look: Affordability Over Innovation

The Pancky PK0075 positions itself as a budget-friendly detector, but it lacks the features and functionalities found in more established brands:

  • Single Knob Operation: While promoting ease of use, the single knob controls both discrimination and sensitivity, limiting the level of control users have over target identification.
  • All-Metal Mode and Discrimination Mode: The PK0075 offers two basic detection modes: All-Metal for detecting all types of metals and a Discrimination mode for filtering out unwanted targets. However, the discrimination capabilities might be less precise compared to detectors with multiple discrimination settings.
  • Single 8-Inch Search Coil: The detector comes with a single, fixed 8-inch concentric search coil. This limits customization for specific terrains and might not offer the depth range of larger coils.
  • Basic Audio Feedback: The PK0075 provides a single-tone audio response for detected targets. This offers less information for target identification compared to detectors with multiple tones for different target conductivities.

While the Pancky PK0075 prioritizes affordability, it’s important to manage expectations. It lacks the advanced features and functionalities found in many modern detectors.

Who Is It For: Budget-Conscious Beginners

The Pancky PK0075 primarily caters to:

  • Absolute Beginners: The single knob operation and basic functionalities make the PK0075 an approachable option for those entirely new to metal detecting.
  • Treasure Hunters on a Tight Budget: Being a discontinued model, the PK0075 can be found at a very low price point on the secondhand market.

However, for most users, especially those who plan on sticking with the hobby long-term, a more versatile detector with advanced features will likely be a more rewarding investment.

Ease of Use: Simplicity Takes Center Stage

The Pancky PK0075 prioritizes user-friendliness above all else. Here’s a breakdown of its usability:

  • Display: The display is basic, showcasing only a battery level indicator and a single meter that reacts to target signals. While minimal, it’s enough for beginners to understand if a target is present.
  • Handling: The lightweight design (around 2.2 lbs or 1 kg) and well-balanced construction make for comfortable operation for short periods. However, the single knob control might limit adjustments compared to detectors with separate knobs for discrimination and sensitivity.
  • Parts: The PK0075 comes with a single 8-inch concentric search coil, suitable for most general detecting scenarios. As mentioned, the coil is fixed and cannot be replaced with other options.

Overall, the Pancky PK0075 prioritizes ease of use. The basic display, single knob control, and lightweight design make it easy for absolute beginners to pick up and start detecting quickly. However, the lack of advanced features and limited adjustability might become restrictive as users gain experience.

Terrain Compatibility: Sticking to the Basics

The Pancky PK0075 performs adequately in some terrains, but its limitations should be considered:

  • Parks and Fields (Limited): This is where the PK0075 might perform best. The open spaces and minimal ground mineralization make it easier for beginners to identify basic target signals.
  • Woods (Not Recommended): The lack of ground balancing might make it challenging to differentiate targets from ground noise in highly mineralized soils.
  • Beaches (Not Recommended): The PK0075 is not submersible and doesn’t perform well in saltwater environments.

The PK0075 is best suited for open areas with minimal ground mineralization. More advanced features like ground balancing, found in other detectors, are crucial for tackling challenging terrains like beaches and highly mineralized soils.


  • Ultra-Affordable (Secondhand Market): Since it’s discontinued, the PK0075 can be found at a significantly lower price point compared to most modern detectors, making it a great budget option for absolute beginners.
  • Single Knob Operation: Incredibly easy to learn and use, ideal for those entirely new to metal detecting and its basic functionalities.
  • Lightweight Design: Comfortable to swing for short periods, reducing fatigue for beginners who are just getting started.
  • Basic Discrimination Mode: While limited, it offers a starting point for differentiating between desirable targets and unwanted trash.


  • Discontinued Model (Limited Availability): Finding a Pancky PK0075 in good condition on the secondhand market can be challenging, and replacement parts might become increasingly scarce over time.
  • Limited Functionality: Lacks features like ground balancing, multiple discrimination settings, and advanced target identification capabilities found in modern detectors.
  • Single-Tone Audio: Provides only basic information about detected targets compared to detectors with multiple tones for more precise identification.
  • Fixed Search Coil: Limits customization for specific terrains, and replacing a damaged coil might be difficult due to the discontinued model status.
  • Not Suitable for Experienced Users: The lack of features and limited depth range make it unsuitable for experienced detectorists seeking more control and advanced functionalities.

Other Detector Options:

Since the Pancky PK0075 is discontinued, here are some modern detectors to consider depending on your needs:

  • For Absolute Beginners Who Want Similar Simplicity: Bounty Hunter Tracker IV: Offers a single-knob operation and all-metal mode at an even lower price point than a used PK0075, but with slightly less depth range.
  • For Beginners Who Want Ground Balancing: Garrett Ace 150: Provides a slightly higher price point but includes a ground balancing mode and multiple discrimination settings for more control over target identification.
  • For Budget-Conscious Coin Hunters Seeking More Features: Makro Racer: Offers a wider range of discrimination options, superior target identification capabilities, and a ground balancing mode at a comparable price point to a used Pancky PK0075.

Final Thoughts:

The Pancky PK0075 might hold a nostalgic appeal for some due to its discontinued status. However, it’s important to manage expectations. It’s a basic detector lacking the functionalities and depth range of modern options. Finding a used model in good condition can be challenging, and replacement parts might become increasingly scarce over time.

For absolute beginners on a very tight budget, the PK0075 could be a consideration on the secondhand market, but only if found in good working order. However, for most users, especially those who plan on sticking with metal detecting long-term, a modern detector with ground balancing, multiple discrimination settings, and more advanced features will likely be a more versatile and rewarding investment in the long run. As your skills and experience grow, you’ll likely outpace the capabilities of the PK0075 and crave a detector that can keep up with your treasure hunting aspirations.

Ultimately, the decision depends on your budget and experience level. If you’re an absolute beginner on a shoestring budget, a used Pankcy PK0075 might be a gamble worth considering. However, for most users, a modern detector with more features and functionalities will offer a more enjoyable and productive metal detecting experience.