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White’s Goldmaster GMT

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  • Ease of use
4.7/5Overall Score
  • Product specs: Good value for money

Innovations are meant for tough measurements and this certainly applies for White’s Goldmaster GMT detector. This accessory provides extremely precise ground balance in all metal detecting fields without compromising speed.

Its superior performance is based on past successful experiences of previous Goldmaster series, with technical improvements that allow it to be unsurpassed in its capacity to locate gold or any precious metal in almost every environment.

This Metal detector is ideal for the beginner in prospecting since it circumvents the difficulties of adjusting ground balance knobs. For experienced prospectors, the ground balance system allows the productivity of hunting to multiply a thousand fold. So the answer is: More wealth! More gold!

GMT Major Controls

Its major features are :

• Ground Balance Fast AutoTrac: This comes with a display for the ground value in the meter in the range of 0-99, as well as the probability of any detected metallic target being iron. The fast tracking system itself has an ultra-small resolution of 1 part in 4,000, thus preventing any confusion or mixture of debris with the desired target.

• Ground Balance Grab Pad: This is used in both manual and fast modes of the AUTOTRAC. It can be reset with ease and speed by pressing & holding the grab pad and pumping the searchcoil up and down ONCE. This automates the microprocessor to instantly increase to GROUND BALANCE.

• Patented ERS 4,000:1 Precision Manual Ground Balance: This is a quantum leap in technology since it increases the ground balance resolution a hundredfold! The “Electronic Ramping Systems” (ERS) system is extremely simple, accurate, smooth. It is perfectly tuned to the ground. GMT’s full ground balance range is adjusted in a matter of seconds with a simple touch of the grab pads.

• Phase Compensated Gain: The GAIN control knob has a maximum level of 10, unlike other conventional GAIN settings of 7 or 8.

• Audio Signal Boost / Battery Check Toggle Switch.

• Variable SAT Speed Control: This is recommended in unstable ground mineralization.

• Iron I.D. Trigger Adgustment: is ideal for fast-tracking of targets, indicating of ground balance and checking of battery strength.

• Threshold Control: driven by a microprocessor, it is simple to adjust, and has great precision as well as high resolution.

• Headphone Jack: a tool to pick audio signals.

• Elliptical DD Search Coil: This design allows more coverage of the ground with each sweep. It is ideal for the detection of the tiniest nuggets and is highly stable in highly mineralised ground.

• 3-Piece Rod Set/Built-In Detector Stand: comes in a compact package for portability and ease of use.
Slide-In “AA” Battery System : Requires 8 AA batteries and an optional NiCad rechargeable system is available.