Garrett Metal Detectors Trusted For Fifty Years

Genuine interest in the metal detector hobby is clearly reflected in the way the Garrett metal detectors are designed. Charles Garrett has been an active treasure hunter and metal detector manufacturer for more than 40 years. His interest began as a hobby and thanks to his expertise in electronics he desired to develop a better metal detector. He then went on to design his very own detector and started a company of his own in 1964.

Today, Garrett Metal Detectors is rather comfortably established in the world as a leading maker of the best available metal detection equipment. Garrett is one of leading manufactures of metal detectors for hobby as well as security for almost fifty years and comes with years of trust to back its name up.

Charles Garrett’s company has developed a complete range of hobby detectors that are suited for treasure hunters with a variety of interest levels and skills. His company was also the first to engineer security detectors in the year 1982. In the same year, his hard work was awarded with the first United States patent for the use of a computer chip in a metal detector.

Other inventions from this genius like target discrimination, is the basis on which all modern day metal detectors are based. As a NASA engineer and the owner of several patents, you can depend on the name and the quality of Garrett metal detectors.

These premium metal detecting products are available at any good hobby store show casing a complete line of Garrett metal detectors – not just those that are used for hobby but also for professional use. Garrett offers metal detectors that are reasonably priced from $150 and ranges to $800 and up. Hence, whether you are a beginner, inquiring about Garrett Ace 250 for backyard treasure hunting or an avid adventure traveler, looking for gold nugget detectors for use under water – Garrett has a metal detector designed to suit your every need.

Garrett metal detectors have always been known for their superior quality and dynamic technology to satisfy today’s ever changing market demands. A Garrett metal detector is an ideal companion for the metal detecting enthusiast.

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